R for Redstone of Minecraft / R for Reality

Do you remember the young guy, on a Brittany beach who liked to look at the words printed into the sand being vanished by the sea. Under 10 years old, he found after the high tide a very special white box full of words of the world full of pictures of the planet full of games born from legends and stories of first civilizations, protected into an amazing case*.

The young guy travels today aboard an italian computer with his friends from Brest, in a courageous, so rigorous science fiction world ; which looks so boring for us mum and dad !
This danish three-dimensional construction game is called MINECRAFT, and some schools in Danemark and USA use it to teach to the teenagers artworks and how build creative structures in communities.

In the gameplay Minecraft, the redstone is an essential “element”, a flat transparent block which can transmit redstone power, to activate or control transmissions, mechanisms in redstone circuits.

The redstone can be obtained by mining or smelting redstone ore, destroying jungle temples traps, crafting redstone blocks, killing witches, trading with villagers, or by breaking previously placed redstone dust. It can also be found in chests that spawn in naturally generated structures.

For sure, Wen, Omar, Victor, Jeremy and the Minecraft’ s players explore and build with a secret part of their brain a parallele, virtual new world,  necessary to face R-eality.

Father Christmas, Santa Claus, Babbo natale, Père Noël, found last day an amazing pocket, made with a recycled sail, among stones of the river behind home..

We hope the mysterious thing inside could be useful for the young guy.