Relations de voyages Coll.Printemps / Ete 2013 : “The Wave & the Net”

This is the story of a young guy, young writer on a brittany beach.
He likes to watch words vanish under the waves,
Words laughing into the wind or swallowed by the sand.

Last sun-day he began to write a story running through his head ; something open, free.

His icy finger wrote, (suite/…)

all day long on the beach

– mum, do I sign the story ?

Then he waited.

Patiently: Until the tides returned him lyrics and amazing words, into something fantastic carried by waves … from America, who knows ?
Not exactly the traditional message through a bottle

but all the words of the world delivered into a flat white box shod of an old sail fabric
embroidered with words disjointed !

– funny packaging* said Wen, I gonna warm my finger into the sock.
(* pochette “The Wave & the Net” Relations de voyages -coll. P/E 2013)